The Roots Make Their Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Premiere

The Roots showed that they were vets of the live performance Monday on the first broadcast of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. While Fallon bumbled through his jokes and cut off Robert Deniro,The Roots turned some lame segments into decent sketches.

Probably the highlight of the premiere was when Fallon read the news to a Roots slow jam while Black Thought sang goofy back up vocals. 

Lick It For 10 was an anti-climactic attempt at product placement where contestants licked a lawnmower, printer and fish bowl for 10$. It became half way funny when the roots played a slow jam for the slow-mo replay.

Then later they laid down some tracks for Justin Timberlake’s John Mayer and Michael McDonald impressions.

I thought The Roots were crazy to take the gig, and while I think the show was weak, it will get better–Fallon was pretty nervous. But the show’s best moments were when The Roots were involved. It could turn them into the stars they deserve to be with out having to record pop. A major TV network broadcast still reaches more people than anything. Conan, in the same time slot, averaged 2 million viewers per episode this season. Last week, Conan averaged 5 million viewers. Let’s face it, as of Monday more people have seen and heard the Roots in one night than ever would have been possible if they stayed on the alternative circuit.

Catch the episode online when it drops tomorrow.


~ by Chris Piel on March 3, 2009.

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