If Project Pat Were President

I didn’t pay any attention to Project Pat’s Outro on Real Recognize Real the first couple of listens. Actually, I just skipped it. I’m an idiot. The Hypnotize Minds Camp Posse has been putting out hilarious Outros–relevant to current events–forever. Rememember when Three 6 Mafia told us “By the time you get this album the whole world will probably be at war with Iraq…just put your blunt through the gas mask…”

On Project Pat’s new outro, recorded a day after the presidential election, he doesn’t get all preachy about the Obama victory–not that he ever would. Anyway check it out, it’s pretty funny. I think if the GOP ever wanted to keep a black man out of office again, they could just play this over and over. It’d stir up the base for sure.

It got me thinking too. If Project Pat made it to the white house, what changes would he make–besides painting it black, throwing in a disco ball and issuing reparations? Who would be in his cabinet?

Vice President: Juicy-J

Secretary of State: After publicly dissing the Project Pat Camp in his desperate attempt at a come back, Koopsta Knicca would kiss and make up to become the Secretary of State.

Treasury Secretary: DJ Paul

Defense Secretary: Project Pat would be his own Defense Secretary

Agriculture Secretary: Lil’ White

First order of business: Fix the current crack-market crisis brought on by unethical gangster practices, aka snitching.

Legacy: First southern gangster rapper to capture the young, middle class white male demographic.


~ by Chris Piel on March 8, 2009.

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