Kanye Likes Fishdicks

Wednesday’s new South Park episode, “Fish Sticks” featured an angry, confused fishstick loving Kanye West. The episode features a joke that sweeps the nation. Everyone loves it but Kanye, who doesn’t hear the pun. 

It goes: “Do you like fishsticks?”


“You like putting fishdicks in your mouth?”


“What are you a gay fish?”

If you’re a fan of South Park it was not a great episode by any means. Kanye’s character was lame. They got that he’s a rapper, an egomaniac, fashionable,  and a black man, but that’s about it. The episode’s portrayal of comedian Carlos Mencia was actually way funnier:”Come on man do you know what it’s like? Being a comedian but not being funny. Come on Kanye I just take jokes and repackage them with a Mexican accent…”

Kanye’s ego is equated to Cartman’s and at the end he finally realizes that his ego was getting in the way of something… His love for gay fish. It ends with a Kanye music video that sounds like something off of his “808 & Heartbreaks” album. The video is worth checking out above.

Considering Mr. West’s massive ego it should be interesting to watch his reaction to the episode. As of this post he had yet to respond on his blog butI’m sure we’ll here from him soon. My advice Kanye…don’t go after Trey Parker and Matt Stone–they’re smarter than you and have 30 minutes to cut you down while you only have a couple of bars. He should embrace it and mention fishsticks on his next album.

Peep all of Kanye’s scenes:


~ by Chris Piel on April 9, 2009.

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  1. […] Responds to South Park Kanye responded on his blog to South Park’s Wednesday episode–not unlike he did in the show. He conceded that he’s an arrogant dude. Good call, now […]

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